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I know I say everything is fun, but this is one of the most fun events I’ve volunteered at. Every year, River Legacy holds a cardboard boat regatta at Hurricane Harbor in Arlington. The boats are made of cardboard, paper tape, caulk, paint, and non-floating decorations only.


Boat in the pool

(Sorry my photo quality is pretty bad. I didn’t know I was going to start this blog when I took the pictures, so I just used my cruddy camera phone.)

I worked at the event a couple of years ago through the Young Adult Volunteer Organization Meetup group, but you can sign up on your own if you want. Some people in our group helped launch and remove the boats from the wave pool. I helped at the concession stands, putting food on plates and handing sodas to the cashiers. After I was finished, I got to go watch part of the regatta and look at the boats. There were some pretty amazing ones.


Cool dragon boat

This year’s event is on April 26. if you don’t want to volunteer, you can participate in the regatta. There is a “boat building school” next month. And if you don’t have a ton of time to prepare, you can enter the “Build on Site” contest the day of.

If you just want to watch, it’s only $8 to enter. Other activities at the event include face painting, a hoola hoop contest, a rubber whale race, a mini-regatta for kids, and park attractions like the Tornado ride, Hook’s Lagoon, and the SkyCoaster Swing.

River Legacy is an organization that works with the City of Arlington to preserve and enhance the parks along the Trinity River. They have volunteer opportunities throughout the year at their Living Science Center and events.